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Barry was the first drummer I ever saw in a big venue. When I was 12 my Dad took me to see The Who. Opening the show was Mother's Finest. I was so impressed that the next day I went right out and bought their first LP. Still have it! I loved his double kick drum set up, with those huge bass drums and one lone tom in the middle. Sort of the same set-up Aldridge used with Black Oak Arkansas...I think it was a popular set up around that era. The kit was red, for what it's worth. I have a photo from that show somewhere...if you'd like I can scan it and post it here.
The Who show I saw on October 12th, 1976 was the last show on the tour, and Keith Moon's last "official" show, period. He only played two more times with the Who - in a private setting for the movie "The Kids Are Alright", before he passed away.
Seeing Moon made me want to play drums, along with a 78rpm disc in my Grandmother's basement that belonged to my Dad; "Crazy, Man, Crazy"/"Whatcha Gonna Do" by Bill Haley & The Comets. I think it's Billy Gussack drumming.
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