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Default Forgetting concerts

This thought has been on my mind for a while, but when listening to a song today from a band I saw live with my friend/guitarist, I asked him if they played that song live, and was reminded of this. It took several minutes before either of us could come up with an answer, and we still had doubts. What I find is, after a concert or even a gig, I have trouble recalling anything that occurred during that time. I can remember clearly right before any music was being played, as well as the ride back home, but the shows themselves are just a blur a few days later.
I'm wondering if anyone else experiences this, or if it's just me and my friend. It does really bother me, because the only thing I remember from any of them (Thrice, Opeth two times, Porcupine Tree...) is that I enjoyed the shows... I just don't remember what happened!
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