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Originally Posted by Chaos_Inferno View Post
Seems as though despite my searching I missed that post somewhere... Thanks a ton, man. Really looking forward to it.

Even the original "demo" or rough versions or whatever you guys called them slayed.
No worries, glad you dig!

Originally Posted by tinlid82 View Post
hey derek, just wanted to let you know i picked up your dvd a few months after i'd become interested in death metal drumming, and the lessons and backing tracks on the disk have really helped me get into the style, not to mention the very noticable improvement in my hand and foot speed as result of trying to keep up with with the back track!

thanks a million
Awesome...thanks for giving it a try. I really believe in that system.

Originally Posted by Chaos_Inferno View Post
Hi Derek, another question for ya... one I'm not sure if you'd be willing to answer.

When you were still with Sonor, what wood make/other specs were your SQ2s? Not sure if you'd be willing to release that info now that you're with DW but I've been curious...
Those were vintage Birch shells, not my favorite Sonor kit but, really nice... none the less.

Originally Posted by supermac View Post
Hi Derek,

I very much enjoyed your playing on Modern Drummer 2008 DVD.

I am trying to work on a double bass drum shuffle in the style of Simon Phillips/Billy Cobham etc.

But for the life of me I cannot get my feet to do what I want them to - and they keep reverting to straight 16ths.

Any suggestions would be welcome on how to achieve a shuffle.

That's a tough one. I guess it's something you're just going to have to work on. Shuffles are tough for some people and others get it right away....wonder why that is?
Mechanics of the body can be tricky.
I'll do some thinking for ya though....maybe I can come up with something for ya.

Originally Posted by Gus View Post
Hi Derek

Just want to give you all my praise for your performance yesterday at DrumFest in Sevilla (my city). You were brilliant and your playing were top of the line. Very impressive to me, so congratulations!

Also we all enjoyed with your mood and positive attitude with us, so thanks for all Derek!!

Canīt wait to see you playing again.

All the best
Cheers Gustavo.....I had a blast (no pun intended) in Spain. Such a beautiful country.
Hope to come back soon.

Originally Posted by jamest View Post
Been getting more and more into your playing Derek. You are the man! Thanks!
Thanks brother....for the support.

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