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Default Re: Who else writes?

Originally Posted by Frost View Post
Literature/Creative writing, not doing music unfortunately.

Sounds like you've been pretty busy as a writer, I can only hope that one day I'll have something worth taking to a publisher. The bit about the wizard must really suck, I'd hate it if I put all that time and effort into writing something to have it get turned down at that stage over something like that. Sci-fi/Fantasy is kind of what I write as well, but it's very metaphorical, I tend to reflect a lot of personal struggles, problems with the world, in a fantasy approach.
Not "unfortunately" ... I enjoy dabbling in several non-musical (and musical) fields. If it's not work, then I'm keen :) I wrote stories for only a few years - less than on this site haha. I was a bit miffed about the wizard story but once I read Harry Potter it was fine. I was an instant fan.

Definitely agree with the metaphorical approach. The hard part is giving a clear message without being didactic, preachy or holier-than-thou. Mum was a writer and she used to say, "show, don't tell" so, rather than saying "Jer was a thrifty lad", you might instead say "Jer furtively dropped another ten cent piece in his piggy bank".

Solo projects are fun. I did a bunch of songs on a sequencer years ago (I couldn't play the other instruments). If you do a solo thing, I recommend getting friends to drop in tracks. I found it really enriched the songs ... actually some were really just a set up for my band's guitar player to stretch out in. Awesome player but his brilliance rarely came out during the band songs ... we had to be accessible and danceable for the pub crowd.


And do the poets here have any web-sized chunks of verse to share? I promise not to critique it - just it stand on its merits.
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