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I don't want to tear the guy down, because everyone has their own influences. But I never thought Moon was great. Recently I watched Mike Portnoy's "In Constant Motion" video, which includes Portnoy playing a really impressive tribute to Keith Moon, so I thought I'd give Moon a shot again. Still don't get it. I thought Portnoy played the song a thousand times better. Portnoy was busy but precise, Moon sounds muddy and frantic and distracting. And bear in mind that when I say this, I wasn't a Portnoy fan before the video either (I tried getting into Dream Theater b/c of a gig and just couldn't, but man Portnoy can play and seems like a decent guy).

Moon was also kind of a - how to put it nicely - d-bag. Maybe some people respect him more for being a 'rebel', but that never really impressed me with any musicians. Popping a handful of pills before a gig and fainting on stage and blowing up toilets may be cool to some ... but I don't get it. Just play the drums.
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