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Default Re: Tony Williams

This track with Tony changed my life as a drummer.

The entire 1964 My Funny Valentine + Four & More album did, really. This tune, along with All Blues and My Funny Valentine, in particular, were mind-altering for me. I had never heard a drummer play a ride cymbal like that. Tony swung the hell out of it but he also bashed it and made it shout. He played ridiculously fast turnarounds, altered feels and tempos to double, half or up or down a triplet at will. He drove the band with a huge range of dynamics and unexpected syncopations.

Most of all, he NEVER played a cliche. There were no "licks." He hit the drums when you didn't think he would, and he stopped before - or after - you thought he would. There was always an element of surprise with Tony. That tom roll didn't end with a crash on 1, it just... faded away. Sometimes.

Just a brilliant, genius musician.
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