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Default Re: Knowing your band's lyrics?

Originally Posted by larryace View Post
I think the lyrics set the mood of the song,
So there's no emotive element to an instrumental peice? Feeling or mood can't be set by music alone with little attention paid to the lyrical content? Your emotions can't be pulled this way and that, purely by what the instruments are doing?

What about a band like the Chili of my favourite bands because of what they do musically, but often times their lyrics mean squat. Would the drummer have come up with a different part if the lyrics weren't "what I got, you got to get it, put it in you"? Hardly deep, hardly meaningful and hardly a total loss if you didn't know what they were saying. It's a song that's driven for the most part by a bass line.....I don't know for sure, but I'd wager if we asked Chad Smith what vibe he locked into to come up with his drum part, he'd say it evolved around the bass line and not the lyric.

Come on, indeed me old mate. :-)

Music speaks in many ways....more often than not, it's the music that speaks to this drummer and not the lyric.
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