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Default Re: Knowing your band's lyrics?

Originally Posted by Swiss Matthias View Post
I don't feel the need to know all the lyrics per se.
But if I'm playing a gig where the voice (and thus the lyrics) is the main focus of the music, and people are going to listen to them first, I think it's my musical responsibility to more or less know them and listen to them too, so I can consider them when I play my complimentary part.

How can you write the perfect drum part for the song if you don't know the song?

I'm with Larry, I'm a little disappointed in the general attitude about the lyrics shown. I always assumed my fellow drummers were more interested in what they were doing, and not filling in the stereotype that we just play beats and fills and go home.

Perhaps I'm biased. I was a Rush fan before I took up drums, so I was aware Neil wrote lyrics from an early age. So I have always tended to tie lyrics and drums together. Even in bands where the drummer doesn't write lyrics, I can't imagine Larry Mullen Jr, Steve Smith, or Keith Moon coming up with the great parts they did in their respective bands without being aware of what the song was saying.
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