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Default Re: 20" Kick Drum head port hole

If it was me, I wouldn't port a 20" bass drum head, in fact I don't port any of my bass drum heads. With the proper tuning, heads and miking, I really don't have a reason to port my heads. I always hear comments like "so and so has their kicks ported" well that's so and so and if they feel that's the only way to get the sound They want, all's well and good. I always use a room microphone in both my home studio and commercial studios I work. I've been working as an engineer for many, many years and have established a certain way of doing things that I know will work with a limited amount of experimentation. It puts a smile on a lot of producers faces, lol. This is basically the way I mic my kits at my home studio without a bass drum port hole. There may be times when I mic the batter head of the bass drum for a bit more attack, but it's not very often.

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