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Default Re: 20" Kick Drum head port hole

Until Bo mentioned what he does for live play, I wasn't going to mention it.... but I've played a 16x20 for about 12 years now, and never put a hole in the front, despite the sound guys' insistence at gigs (in-joke there...) With the new Kickport getting rave reviews, I've been very tempted, but I still haven't heard a kick with a hole in the front head that I like as well as I like mine without.

I tune the batter (Evans EQ3) about 2 turns tighter than JAW until I get a thump with just a smidge of sustain and tone, tune the front head about 1/2 turn past JAW so that it just resonates, and the only muffling I use is a rolled-up T-shirt touching the batter head from about 4:30 to 7:30. It sounds great live, miked or unmiked, and when I record it with an ambient dynamic mic in the room, it sounds like a very brief subwoofer pulse with an attack on the front end of the note.
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