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Default Re: Knowing your band's lyrics?

Frankly I'm a little disappointed in the general attitude about the lyrics here. I think it's in everyones, especially yours, best interest to not only know the lyrics, but know the key of the song as well. It combats the drummer stereotype, and gives you a more complete concept of the song. (OK knowing the key won't help with the concept of the song, but I love it when a player asks "what key is this in again?" and I can help them)

I used to be in a band with this one bass player. We used to play :"The Thrill is Gone" and he would be playing the most inappropriate bass line...too happy, too many notes, wrong attitude...totally wrong feel for the song. I kept telling him...this is a SAD song, lay it back...Waste of breath on him, what a hot dog.
I may not know every word of every lyric, but I darn sure know what the songs is about.
I must say I'm apalled!
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