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Default Re: 20" Kick Drum head port hole

It completely depends on the sound you're going for with your kick, and what head you're driving on the batter, and where you plan on positioning the hole, and what muffling (if any) you have in there...

A 5.75" head is a smidge under a third of the drum's diameter. If you were to put it dead center of the front head (i.e. directly in front of where your beater hits) your sound will change to almost pure attack, because the initial press of air will go straight out the exit without pausing to make any resonance (or very very little) in the shell or front head.

If you offset it (maybe 1-2 inches in from the edge at 4 o'clock) the initial press of air should still hit the front of the head, but it will still be a bit clickier and more attack than boom.

To put it in perspective, if you made the same proportion of hole on a 22", it'd be 6.325" across. On a 24", it'd be almost 7" across.
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