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Default Re: 20" Kick Drum head port hole

For me it would be too large on a 20 inch bass.
I'm using a 4 inch on my 16x20 bass.
I use an Aquarian SK II batter and reso head pack.
Thats the size hole that comes cut in the head.
I don't put anything inside of the drum and I tune slightly tight.

It's all personal choice.
I would say experiment with an old head.
I don't like large ports on any of my bass drums.
I use a 3 inch on my 14x18 and a 5 inch on my 14x22 drums.
I have an 8x20 bass drum from a Rhythm Traveler kit and I stopped porting that drum because I like it best that way.
You have to try for yourself.
It depends on the drum, the heads, the style of play, the tuning, the desired sound, and response. There are many variables to consider.
I kind of like old drums:)

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