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Default Re: Sleeping with a Click

Originally Posted by Tommyland View Post
Supposedly benefitial...
What interview did that OP come from?
The interview came from Drumhead Magazine September-October 2010 issue, in the interview with Victor Indrizzo.

Originally Posted by Tommyland View Post
Like in the Simpsons episode about the bear patrol (Much Apu About Nothing).

Lisa: “By your logic, I could claim that this rock keeps tigers away.”
Homer (confused): “Hmm; how does it work?”
Lisa: “It doesn’t work; it’s just a stupid rock!”
Homer: “Uh-huh.”
Lisa: “… but I don’t see any tigers around, do you?”
(pause) Homer: “Lisa, I want to buy your rock…”
Brilliant! Gotta love the simpsons!

As I said earlier I don't plan on trying it, I was just curious to see what DW had to say.

Come give us a listen

and a like
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