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Default Re: Sleeping with a Click

Originally Posted by razorx View Post
When I wanted to learn a new song I used to sleep with my headphones in with the song on repeat. It worked for me.
I also did this when learning songs years ago (though I think what made me memorise them off was consciously listening to them).

Here are a few questions you should ask:

1. How many times did you hear the song before you finally nodded off?

2. Were you just listening to it exclusively at night in this fashion or did you have a few listens at other times too?

3. How complex were the songs?

There are just so many other variables here that you’re not accounting for. Repetition while awake is one thing; but while you’re asleep is quite another.

There’s a rather loud motivational industry out there that will convince you subliminal learning works but is that because it appeals to our instant gratification (a shortcut to learning) or because it is backed up with empirical evidence that demonstrates its effectiveness? Despite numerous studies demonstrating that subliminal tapes are worthless, people continue buying them in large numbers.

In saying all this, listening to songs at night isn't worthless. With your eyes closed and the music getting your (near full) undivided attention, it will count as a normal listen but once you fall asleep, it’s lights out!

But the OP was questioning how listening to a click at night would improve his skillset. I don’t even think listening to a click by itself when you’re awake is much good.

The best way to gain skill with a click, is to practise drums to a click.
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