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Default Re: Sleeping with a Click

Originally Posted by bermuda View Post
At what tempo would you listen? Getting one tempo locked into your subconscious could harm your ability to lock into other tempos.

Yeah this was my main concern, and the reason I wanted to ask around first. I never really intended to do this (especially long term), I just thought it might be an interesting idea to help improve my internal metronome.

Originally Posted by Pocket-full-of-gold View Post
Man.....did I misread the title of this thread or what. :-)

I'm not sold, but if you think it might help, what have you got to loose by giving it a shot?
Haha, I thought of the same thing the moment I hit "Submit Thread".

Like I said I'm not gonna try it, and I don't have much to lose. :)

Thanks for all the replies!

Come give us a listen

and a like
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