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Default can you help recommend a PA for my band?

my band already has a PA that we share with two other bands, but we want a new one. the one we share is too big and heavy to carry around conveniently. i'd like for us to get an easier to deal with PA that has good fidelity and is still loud enough to be heard above the band (especially me) yet is smaller and lighter than what we've been using (15" speaker cabinets). we play in small bars and clubs and we only need to amplify our vocals and maybe an acoustic guitar once in a while. we play mostly classic rock, blues, funk and things like that.

i was thinking of getting a powered mixer and two speaker cabinets. what would be a good wattage for that mixer? what would be a good size for the main speakers? (8, 10, 12 inches?) is there a brand that's particularly good?

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