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Default Re: Steve Morrison - pro drum tech (Tommy Lee)

Originally Posted by DruManiac19
Wow, this thread just keeps getting better.
A while ago DRUM magazine had an issue where they covered a lot of drum techs including Jose Baraquio (portnoy) , Lorne wheaton(neil peart) and Sean bates(jose Passillas). It was a great article. Wheaton also teched for steve smith in the past.
They mentioned their disasters on stage . Lorne wheaton said that once during Steve smith's set he broke a bass drum hoop. and steve played with the left bass drum while he replaced it on stage.
Steveo have you ever had any bad goof up's on stage while Tommy was playing.??

Vinnie paul mentioned. he felt really wierd sitting behind Tommy's kit . he coudnt reach anything, since Tommy has long arms. :)
In other news, Terry bozzio is playing in Bombay for the first time today and i cant go since i have chicken pox. Guess i'll have to wait till i get to LA.
That walk of fame star that the Crue got is right outside Musicians Institute, i won't be missing it.
That was a GREAT article on techs indeed. I was touring with Sean Bates at the time when he was interviewed for that article. Fortunately, I haven't had any enormous mistakes on stage as of yet. I'm sure now that I've jinxed myself you'll be hearing a story from me real soon. :) Vinnie Paul is one of few drummers that have sat behind Tommy's kit and said they couldn't reach anything(Taylor Hawkins is another). I've nicknamed Tommy "the albatross" due to his wingspan. Those outer cymbals on his kit are easily 7 feet apart!
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