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Originally Posted by kris_nz15
That what you said abut the age thing, I think it does matter how old somebody is. Joey is now what? 31 years old as far as i know. Steve Gadd is maybe in his mid 60's?
It has taken Steve Gadd until now to master his techniques. Sure he has been an incredible drummer for many years now but not as good as he is now. If we gave Jordison a chance to reach a mature age in which he might develop a interest for jazz, blues etc. so lets say when he is 50 and then start comparing him to the hardout session drummers.
Fair enough, but Steve Gadd had probably played on more albums by age 31 than Jordison will play on in his whole life. Gadd had also played so many more styles by that age too. Jordison, I'm afraid, is destined to niche metal bands. I don't blame him, though, he's probably made more money than I will in my entire life, and most likely having a lot of fun doing it.
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