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Default Re: Things to know before learning the guitar?

Originally Posted by Pocket-full-of-gold View Post
I haven't had too many bad experiences with guitarist over the years. Two things I'd highlight once you are up and running, are:
1) LISTEN to what everyone else is playing....some guitarists have a tendancy to noodle away in their own little world, oblivious to what the rhythm section are doing. Makes for a very messy sounding band, I think.
2) Work on your timing....if I have one gripe about guitarists, it's their ability to push or pull a song in all directions. Hopefully your drumming skills come into play here and you develop a good feel for time early on.

That said, you're a ways from playing with anyone yet mate....just enjoy the learning process and have fun with the instrument.
+a big one to these. Learning the guitar is a great thing to do as it gives you an understanding of the instrument which can potentially help you out in a band situation. What I would say though is just because you're beginning doesn't mean you can't get some people of similar experience (or lack of) round to have a bit of fun, even if you are all beginners.
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