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Default Re: Things to know before learning the guitar?

Having taught myself guitar since 2006 I will input:

1- As a guitarist I play SOME songs I DO NOT LIKE to play on drums. Get used to that.
2- Since learning, I NOW relate to the band way more and HAVE AN INPUT that DID NOT matter before. In other words, "Next time, play the right note a$$hol3".
3- Guitarists get stuck in the same tunes and can't learn others......I do. So as a band member, and the drummer, I say "learn this or that" and guitar man can't or won't, which is worse than can't. I fired my last guitar guy 3 months ago because of that. Hated it.
4- Keep your groove and your perspective. You, most likely, will NOT be Eddie Van be cool, learn the roots, learn bar chords, and just be the drummer, that can play guitar.

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