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Default Things to know before learning the guitar?

I may possibly be learning the guitar as a side instrument, while continuing with drums. Not that I'm bored of drums or anything, but I don't have that *commitment* to woodshed for 8 hours a day on my ekit >.<. As the saying goes, Rome wasn't built in one day, which I thought could be applied to drumming, i.e: I'd probably learn and master a beat/technique/groove faster if I practiced 1~2 hours each day for a week, than 7 hours for two days. Moreover, as it is now my school holidays, that leaves extra time which I thought I'd might learn the guitar.

I just wanted to ask what are some things I should watch out for, lest I end up the, for lack of a better phrase, "nightmare of every drummer" guitarist. As I'm just a novice drummer that hasn't jammed with *that* many guitarists, I've yet to see the "axe guy that you get so PO'd with and just want to punch the lights out of". So far, I know that having a big ego and being proud/arrogant is something I should avoid, are there any more?
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