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Originally Posted by ComptonMusic View Post
One of my full set-ups.

One of a smaller stature.

All my drums are wrapped in matching tapestry. 26', 22', 18', 2-16", 13", 12", 10", 13" and 14" snares.
Hey, I'm currently working on a setup similar to your second kit. I'm using a 16x18" Floor Tom from an abandoned Lazer Kit as both an 'upright' cocktail kit-style bass drum and a floor tom.

How did you negotiated the sound between both? i stretched a small cloth along the bottom head so that I could have a more muffled bass sound, but it has sort of killed the tom's sustain, but that could probably be a matter of changing out the heads... they're brandless.

How does drilling a hole in the side like I can see in your pic help? does it help amplify the bass?

I am contemplating the ideo of drilling a hole in the side like yours, but i'd like some advice first :)
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