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Default Re: KIS's kit escaped, just!

Originally Posted by larryace View Post
(that must be a PITA to have to haul stuff up stairs to store them between gigs). Knowing you, you probably equipped your storage buliding with an elevator. Is the building heated?
Cheers for the insurance company soapbox Larry. Just off to a gig so I must be quick! Elavator, lol, I wish. Not so my friend, just good old fashioned stairs. Yes, the upstairs is heated. We have our fully insulated drum room & office up there. Got a bathroom too! While I'm at it, this is the building I'm toying with turning into a studio. Thing is, if I do that, I'll have to build another (smaller) garage, & planning permission in the Golden Valley is painful (read, almost impossible).

Al, no problem, great news for you.

Bo, yeah, yeah, I get the weather superiority thing. Maybe I'll come over to retire. Isn't that what everyone else does? Anyhow, I don't do heat very well, so maybe I'll move in with Thaard!
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