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Default Re: KIS's kit escaped, just!

Holy crap Andy, I am so sorry to hear this. You of all people don't deserve this. Tough year for you man...At least you had the foresight/luck to store your stuff up high. (that must be a PITA to have to haul stuff up stairs to store them between gigs). Knowing you, you probably equipped your storage buliding with an elevator. Is the building heated?

My brother in law is a public adjuster so I know a little about that aspect of the insurance industry.
Home insurance in the States is a great deal, as far as insurance goes. My premium for my little house is like 700 a year, and rates can't go up if you have a claim, unlike car insurance. They can drop you, but who cares because there are plenty of companies that will pick you up.

I had to put in a claim in 2009. I got 22,000 back, my rates didn't increase. I didn't get dropped. 22,000! I was ecstatic! I redid the whole main floor of my house. If the insurance industry is similar to the US over there in the UK, I would absolutely put a claim in, that's what you pay for. Get what you are due, don't let the insurance companies get off scott free. I suggest getting a public adjuster before contacting your insurance. Even with their fees, they will recover 10x what you could get on your own. Your insurance company's goal is to pay you as little as possible. The PA's goal is to get you everything you are entitled to, which is usually considerable. Since they work on a percentage, the more you get back, the more they make, which is in your best interest. Their fees come out after it's settled, you pay zero up front.

Time to get some of that money back that you have been paying them for all these years, JMO.
Insurance companies take soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much of everyones money, that any chance I can, I get as much back as possible. Yea I don't like the insurance companies because they suck so much blood from their clients, and don't want to give any back.
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