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Default Re: KIS's kit escaped, just!

Used to practice in the basement of a friend's parents house. Tornado came through and ripped the entire roof and rafters off the house. I just knew my drums were rain soaked at best but they were cheap CB 700s and in view of my friend and his parents losing everything I felt it a minor loss. Went over the next day to help clean up and the entire neighbor hood looked like a..well..tornado had hit. Got to his house and he said my drums were fine. The drum riser kept them off the wet floor, and the linoleum from the kitchen above diverted the water off to another portion of the basement and off the drums. Luckily 90% of their personal belongs were saved because they ran a freight salvage store and had just gotten in a load of plastic sheeting they had stored in the garage and used it to cover stuff after the tornado hit.

Now...if I had a set of nice vintage Ludwigs they would have been sucked out of the basement somehow and wisked off to Oz!!!
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