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Default Re: Tascam and Pro tools

Originally Posted by synergy View Post
Thanks for the reply Bo,

I'm not sure of the model as our guitarist just picked one up on Black Friday.

I dont have any of the mentioned programs- I just know they are the most well known.

I wanted to record all the instruments separately etc and then put all the files into the program and make a song like you would in a normal studio where you record in tracks

Just didnt know if this was compatible with any of the programs
Well, getting them into the computer is one way of working. But I would think the Tascam is a stand-alone recorder, yes? If you can record up to two tracks at a time, there's recording separately for you. Then when all the tracks are in, the Tascam will mixdown to stereo, and then you're done.

I love the fact that you can record into your computer, but sometimes I think people are convinced that they have to record into the computer in order to get anything done! It doesn't have to be the only way to record. In fact it wasn't for many years!
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