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Default Re: Todd Sucherman here!

Hi Todd,

Still enjoying and learning from your DVD, two years on.

You really should patent your advice on tom/bass drum combination fills (3 up/ 2 down etc). This clarified the issue so clearly for me after many years of messing around!

Anyway, great to see you are playing in my home city, Newcastle, UK, next summer.

I work as a journalist on the big evening newspaper in the city, and wonder, leading up to the show, if it would be possible to do a phone interview with you for the paper.

I did this with Gavin Harrison last year and was able to write a nice story about him and his band.

I remember he sent me a private message, with the details of a contact at his record company - and we took it from there.

If we could fo that, great - if not, no problem.

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