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Default Re: A petition, and the sorry state of Australian music

After having met so many diplomats and government bureaucrats over the last few years via my dad's worldwide jazz endeavors I can tell you that the bias is not only restricted to metal. Fact is most of these guys know very little of culture including cultural attaches. Jazz and classical musicians aren't exempt from this ignorance either.

Most likely in consideration of your man, the main pencil pusher in the office merely called in the lone office worker with an earring and asked him about metal. Then when the called in guy started throwing initials like MTV and VH1, the decision not to grant was made, seeing as how the pencil pusher had enlisted an expert opinion.

Musicians who do best in these situations are folk performers who can best demonstrate a perpetuation of the existing authentic culture. In other words get a diedjerdio in the applicant's hands as soon as possible.

I'm serious. This really is the way such people think.
I endorse Zildjian sticks because I like them.
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