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Default Re: A petition, and the sorry state of Australian music

Frosty, you would know I'm not into metal and I suspect the decision-makers aren't either. What if it was a classical, jazz or (somewhat respectable musician? No probs, I'd guess. Certainly if it was a sportsman with a level of international experience they'd roll out the red carpet.

I agree with you that they are being narrow-minded. IMO it's sheer prejudice and it's unethical ... that's why I signed. Hope it makes a difference, from what I'm seeing, trying to make a mark on a government or major company is like being a mosquito trying to get an elephant's attention. They will listen to the media, but the most influential - the Murdoch press - would probably like metal / alt / underground musicians about as much as the Dept of Immigration does. I hate the way conservativism is so dominant in the halls of power at the moment.
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