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Here are some books I've checked out that caught my attention could you guys make any recommendationsof these books:
Pedal control by Dom Famularo
Groove alchemy by Stanton Moore
R&B drumming play-along by Zoro
Rudimental contest solos by Jay Wanamaker
Mastering the tables of time by David Stanoch
On the beaten path - Rich Lackowski ("rated best book by modern drummer")
Buddy Rich rudiments around the kit by Ted Mackenzie

Books I have since I began playing:
Learn how to play the drumset by Peter Magadini
Elementary drum method by Roy Burnes
Intermediate drum method by Roy Burnes
Double bass drumming by Joe Franco
Syncopation for the modern drummer by Ted Reed
Realistic Rock by Carmine Appica
Double bass drum workout by Kerry Collings
Advanced Funk Studies by Rick Latham
Buddy Rich's Snare Drum Rudiments
Stick Control by George Lawrence Stone
Advanced techniques for the modern drummer by Jim Chapin
The art of bop drumming by John Riley
Polyrhythmic potential by Chris Pennie
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