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Default Re: Deciding on first electronic drum set - need advice

The store I work at stocks Roland, Alesis, as well a used Simmons kit at the moment.

The Roland TD4's have yet to move. They've gotten a lot of floor attention from the demo models, but the price tag ($899) has pushed a lot of consumers towards the Alesis DM6 and DM7s, which sell for $499 and $599, respectively. The DM6 is pretty much a bare bones kit, with its perks being a USB out for recording direct to a computer. It has tar gum tom pads, which in my opinion have a slightly more realistic feel than plain rubber pads, like you find on the toms of the TD4. The DM7 is a much higher quality kit, with a 3-zone snare pad that allows for soft and hard rim shots, in a realistic manner like you would on an acoustic drum kit. It also has a choke on the crash cymbal, as well as a lot more kit and volume capabilities within the drum over the DM6.

For the money, Alesis is absolutely the way to go. As I said above, the TD4's haven't moved yet, but we're completely sold out of DM6's and DM7's and have 4 more of each on the way, one of which has already been paid for and reserved.

Let me also note I purchased a DM7 myself, as my current living arrangements do not accommodate an acoustic kit.
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