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Default Re: A very cool thing happened last night

I'm gobsmacked by the positive replies!

Originally Posted by BassDriver View Post
The drummer face you don't notice at the time of the gig.
Drummer face, BD?? Perish the thought!

Originally Posted by keep it simple
Glenn has an edge of his own, & derseves a band with a similar dynamic range.
Yes, he does. Hopefully we'll get better and give him that - this lounge-y stuff is a bit of a new frontier for most of the band (me too) and with luck we'll get the hang of it ...

Originally Posted by larryace
You are very humble when it comes to your own drumming, which is preferable to the alternative, but you've got "it", and no amount of self deprecation will change that for me. You have the right idea though. It's only good when others to sing the praises. Otherwise, we'd all be like Purdie lol.
Scary thought, Larry. I think there's only room for one BP in this world ... oh did I tell you that I played on all The Beatles's recordings? :)

If my microtiming, stiff shoulders, dexterity, limb independence and foot control miraculously sort themselves out I'll start being a big head ... until then I'll keep pumping out my joyful slop :)

Originally Posted by Lex
BTW, how is it to be the only ''girl'' in what seems to be a ''men's band''?
Lex, too often find women musos are either trained players moving in more advanced musical circles or they're untrained and hopeless. I rarely meet any who are in the middle like me so I've always played in mixed bands or with guys.

As it is, our singer is my best "girlfriend" and we're the mad rats of the band *grin*... the boys are much more quiet and refined haha. The vid pretty accurately reflects the band member's personalities.

Originally Posted by PQley
Not much I can say that hasn't already been said ...
Cheers PQ - it's miles from your preferred style. Cool that you can go with it.

Guys, thanks for all the positive comments - very encouraging!
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