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Default Re: On music videos and the like

I just whent through my first video shoot with my band. Ever since I now see music videos differently. Performance shots are key for me because I'm now noticing a ton of bands just doing performance shots on a stage with small lights that will shine across the screen. As you said yeah, lots of black. We shot our video in a field starting at 1 am and shooting till 6am. That was the performance shot and the rest of the video was shot during the day. Our video is really commercial and saying I find the art really isn't in it anymore. When music goes commercial all aspects of the art are taken out I find. The drums on our track are all samples. I wasn't in the studio for any sessions, so it makes it very hard to put the Art back into the project. Anyways, I'm the drummer, if you want to check out our video here is the link.

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