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Default Re: Best Double Bass Drum Pedal

Originally Posted by The Parasprinter View Post
Question for you guys who play the symmetric double pedals (Off-Set, Giant Step Middle, etc.): How does the feel compare when it comes to doing single-pedal work with your main foot? Do you lose something by having that extra machinery between you and the drum?

I like what I've seen from these pedals, both for the comfort and setup options. Just curious if there are any drawbacks to them.
well it seems like the best idea for the double bass pedals. The standard ones, the bar makes you loose 12% power and delay, but if they both are barred, they meet up in the middle. I have the Axis AL2 Longboards and i use 2 bass drums, but i HAVE used the double kick configuration and it works great, i do notice the delay but i have yet to use a pedal i haven't noticed that on
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