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Originally Posted by toteman2
I'm amazed.

Finn, You would Rather listen to Grant Collins? OMG!

Don't get the wrong impression. I've looked into what Collins is going for sometime now. My honest opinion. I'm left totally empty. I boared to peices that I can't watch it. You would have to chain me to the chair to get me to sit for more than 5 mintues to watch him. While his technique and ostinato building are extreamly impressive (espeicially his footwork and independence), I'm not feeling anything in his playing. I don't know, I'm just astounded that you are into him.
I must admit I've not watched a vast amount of his stuff, but the things I've seen have left me extremely impressed. Not so much by the chops - once he lets the singles fly over the ostinatos I tend to agree with you, it does go a bit empty. But some of the stuff he constructs is really quite clever. I saw one piece called "The Battle" or something similar that you would swear was a traditional Chinese percussion piece performed by a very large ensemble - it had authentic tones, rhythms and structure, all coming out of one guy on a drum kit. I was quite impressed because even though he was playing stuff in multiple voices it all made a whole lot of sense musically, both as a whole and with each piece isolated. It also seemed to have been very well researched, which is always impressive in a musician trying something in an alien style.

Donati doesn't do that for me when I watch his ostinato stuff in multiple meters. I just keep hearing numbers, not parts... if you see what I mean.
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