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Default Re: A very cool thing happened last night

One thing I'll say about Pol's playing...She can make songs that I don't particularly care for and hold my interest till the very end. It's because she makes the time feel soooo goooood. THAT'S what makes her so easy to listen to. You look very much at home behind a kit, and you convey, in my mind anyway, the right attitude and feel that makes your band work. You are a big part of why your band works so well.

And you are so cute. Almost every white woman I know is too self effacing IMO. White women could take a lesson from the black woman. Black women can be 300 lbs and when they dress up to go out, they behave like they are all that. And they are, as long as they think that.

Love your feel Pol. You are very humble when it comes to your own drumming, which is preferable to the alternative, but you've got "it", and no amount of self deprecation will change that for me. You have the right idea though. It's only good when others to sing the praises. Otherwise, we'd all be like Purdie lol.
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