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Default Re: Check out Virgil

Originally Posted by Stu_Strib
Well after checking out some more stuff to investigate the possibilities to why people might bash this guy, here is my conclusion.

I think he plays too much like Steve Smith, Dave Weckl, Vinnie C., but not as well. I think he should make his own niche and be a monster ROCK player and cut back on the fusiony stuff that (just my opinion) he doesn't pull off very well.

Wow, I've never heard anyone say Virgil sounds like Smith, Weckl, or Vinne. Stu, are you sure you've been listening to Virgil Donati?

And what drummer featured on drummerworld said something "savage" about Virgil? This is news to me.

To add, I can't can't get enough of Virgil. I'm most interested by him at this moment in time, and have been obsessed for about 2 years. I'm either listening to him, Carey, Weckl, or Gadd alot this past month. I go on monthly swings, when I'm obsessed with a certain style/s.
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