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Default Re: A very cool thing happened last night

@ MikeM ... cheers! Yes, Glenn and I are pretty well on the same page dynamically because we're both hams :)

@ DMC ... actually, the attack of kindness was entirely unprovoked. I didn't remember the guy at all. Based on the amount of camera time on my boobs, perhaps he remembered me better. A friend saw the vid and wondered if the guy fancied me lol

@ Skulmoski ... or maybe an irresponsible vocalist or a guitarist who steals your gear?

@ Andy ... true, Glenn definitely wants the burners turned up when he goes for the big notes - which suits me down to the ground.

I have to be careful dynamically with the other instruments too; if I get too loud (which happens at times) we lose the good stuff coming from the tasty tones of the guitar and keys. Apart from trying to groove playing mellow I've found the other hard thing is adjusting from level you normally expect from drums in a rock band (ie. prominent). Some passages work best when I'm embedded in the total sound to the point where you'd have to listen carefully to pick what the drums are doing.

I like the fact that the band is more "drummy" than most playing this style - drums with a touch of rock spirit add edge and take away the tweeness that can so easily happen. It's sad to bands where the drums sound limp all night, played by some bored guy who lost his enthusiasm years ago and is treating it as a job.
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