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Default Re: A very cool thing happened last night

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
@ Andy ... yeah, it's a funny fit - an old tub thumper like me playing this music. It's a fine line - easy for me to be overbearing with this music. I'm just learning to play things quietly with groove.
Pol, my comment copied here: Tempo control in man's world was superb. I could feel you holding the guys right back at the start. A lovely stamping of drummer authority, cool! As for "Polly, the delicate butterfly of a drummer", yeah right! You're a credit to the primeval tub thumper's group! Tastefully done though, but with a drive that I wasn't expecting., was meant as a very positive statement. You didn't come across as a basher in a subtle context, quite the reverse. I found your dynamic & conviction very refreshing, & yes, unexpected in that context. I also remarked about how locked in to Glenn's dynamic you were too. Again, refreshing. The band featured your playing even more by being a touch on the benign side. At no point did I find your playing "overbearing". If Glenn was a shrinking violet, that might be different, but he isn't, & needs a player to run with him.

As for the merits of horizontal stripes, I think you cut a pretty good visual too.

As for the kit, & I know I'm going to get flamed for this, but I'm sticking with my original observation that it doesn't respond as well as it could when you go for the drama stuff. Great for 95% of your playing, but when you deliver those big support pieces, it needs to grow in depth as well as volume. Bottom heads on the toms (especially evident on the second song in your latest clip) & a full kick reso head would go some way to helping IMO.

Anyhow Pol, I hope you're taking my comments constructively, & in the same way you'd deliver comments about my stuff. Bottom line is, it's a great performance all round!
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