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Default Re: Blake Richardson

One of my favorite drummers of all, I'm suprised not more is posted about him. I'm really influenced by his choice of sounds he produces from his kit within the metal style of this band. An example would be the beginning portion of BTBAM's song "Selkies: The Endless Obsession" in seven. I'd say he shows much more stylistic versatility then other metal drummers. Having said that, I also have to be fair and mention that BTBAM is a band that weaves in and out of styles way more often then your typical metal band. Because of that, the band calls for drumming that shows more stylistic versatility, while the music itself still keeps it's metal edge. I think it's cool different and interesting music, and that he's a very interesting drummer. I think he's great, and that he is helping to push drumming forward by showing you do not have to play the drums a certain way due to what genre you or your band's music is classified under. This guy makes it work and sound good proving it can be done :) I respect that a lot.
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