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Default Re: A very cool thing happened last night

Ha, loved it Pol. It's the video I've been waiting for! Tempo control in man's world was superb. I could feel you holding the guys right back at the start. A lovely stamping of drummer authority, cool! As for "Polly, the delicate butterfly of a drummer", yeah right! You're a credit to the primeval tub thumper's group! Tastefully done though, but with a drive that I wasn't expecting. As for you needing "subtle hihats", hmmmm, I don't think so. I'd keep the hats, & get the rest of the guys to up their mojo a bit. Both you & Glenn are giving it the beans, whereas the other guys are on cruise control. A band of two halves, although, in a strange way, that works. Glenn features himself, whereas the other guys feature you. I like that. Different, but cool.

As for the venue, well, there was more life in the smoking area behind the glass partition, & that's only because they needed to raise their arms to smoke, lol!

The kit sounded good, but didn't respond to your input when you turned on the drive. Probably just as well really, as the rest of the band didn't respond to Glen's power moments either. Ever thought of doing a Glenn & Pol White Stripes side project? Can Glenn play guitar? Just a few power chords should be enough.

Loved it Pol, & your a drummer with superb restraint & tempo, yet more power than you think. I suspected as such from your early material recordings. Very very cool stuff!
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