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Default Re: A very cool thing happened last night

Yeah, a random act of kindness is a good way of putting it. He went to heaps of trouble ... converting old style film (his daughter's vid camera) to digital - having to be done in real time for over an hour, editing, creating the sleeve etc etc.

Originally Posted by larryace View Post
I take it you're happy with what you heard?
Yeah, I guess, for what it is. We're not as tight as my old bands and my playing isn't as consistent as it should be these days, but I have a weird homespun style and have always been funny to watch :)

On a more sombre note, our guitarist had turned up late and wasn't in top form because his sister had died of cancer the night before and he'd up for much of the night comforting his mother. After going through all that, for him to front up and play without any visible sign was huge IMO. A real trooper.
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