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Originally Posted by Fox622003 View Post
Mike Mangini

Steve Smith

Jason Bonham

Some YouTube unknown

Just type for a drum cover of that one, pretty much everyone who isn't a beginner gets it right. What does Bonham really play faster than that part in GTBT? Even faster stuff was and is being done constantly.
I think it's actually negative to Bonham's reputation to go on and on about bass drum speed, when he should be taken into account for so many other things.
As for Jason, yeah he's got a video in which he explains his "left hand isn't as strong as his father's was" or something like that. But really, he's a professional, do you honestly believe there's something stopping him from practicing for a couple of months and getting a 5 times stronger hand than Bonham? I am pretty sure, as I said before, that Jason just likes to honor and elevate his father everytime he's talking about him; as I don't see any other explanation to this.
And yeah, I know those guys hardly constitute 90% of all professional drummers, but not all sessionists and so got youtube videos playing relatively fast on the single pedal; doesn't mean they can't (easily) do it.

John had great speed with his bass, nothing negative could come from it. And yes a lot of other drummers could do it, but he was the one who did it first with a single pedal.

And you're really not getting it, Jason said he can't do everything his dad did on the bass.. He even said "I've tried and tried."

No-one will ever reach John's level entirely.
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