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Default A very cool thing happened last night

While we were setting up yesterday one of the regulars at the club came up to us and gave us a DVD. Unbeknown to us this guy had filmed a large chunk of our last gig at the club and transferred the film to DVD. He scanned our poster for the gig, which he used as the basis for the DVD cover - trimmed perfectly, a totally professional job.

Inside there was also a CD of the music. I can't believe it ... what an incredibly cool and nice thing to do!

After the gig our singer came back to my place and we watched the DVD. Weirdly, my snare sounded killer - about 10x better than any other recording of it, and way better than it's ever sounded to my ear while playing. Stoked. I also found that I still look like a mad woman when I play ... almost as loony as that Korean drummer on YouTube :)

Just thought I'd share because I'm a bit blown away.
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