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Originally Posted by Fox622003 View Post
I remit you to my post below. Bonham is a nice drummer; but by NO means fast. Have you heard any drummers in the past...30 years? Jason can easily play what Bonham plays with a single, heck, 90% of professional drummers can. If he says otherwise, or uses a double pedal for single parts (which I doubt), it's probably just to elevate his father's playing.
As I said in my original post, can you *really* not do it? Then it's you who's more special than Bonham.
His foot is fast. And, I highly doubt 90% can do what he did. And as far as Jason, he doesn't use double for single parts, but mainly just in the fills. He only told me from his own mouth he couldn't do everything his dad did with a single. That's why I said that.
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