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Hi all!
I totally agree with Lerimed. David's Drumming is not simple... listen to the old stuff like 'Korn' or 'Life its Peachy', pay attention to the details and try to play the parts. Honestly it is not simple at all!
I have been playing drum for 8 years and I enyoy listening very technical drummers such as Portnoy (even if I'm not a Dream theater fan), Danny Carey(Tool) or Gene Hoglan (Death, Fear Factory...) and when I listen Korn after that I don't feel like I'm going back to a simple drumming. David is skilled but his technicality is more discreet. I 'm thinking for instance about his use of ghost notes (Porno creep, Chi), his great timing mastering which enables him to play with the rhythm speed (check out the twisted breaks of ‘Fake’) his abstemious but extremely dynamic use of double bass, his very fast moving from one piece kit to the other (it is easier to realize that when you see him playing on stage and I advise to watch him performing 'Fagget' in the DVD 'The family values tour' )
For me, David stands among those underrated drummers such as Abe Cunnigham from Deftones. They don't show off their skills, don't play solos, they are often discreet person and discreet member of the band, but if you really pay attention to their playing you 'll discover great drummers with great expressiveness and creativity!

It is pretty cool to come accros a forum about Siveria and see that other people really appreciate his drumming;)
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