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Default Re: I don't listen to Led Zeppelin... introduce me!

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One I couldn't see here (if it's been mentioned and I missed it, then apols).....check out Night Flight off Physical Graffiti. Definitely one of my favourite Bonham drum tracks.....makes the song IMHO.

Yeah physical graffiti has a few where I listen to that bass drum and find it hard to believe he could play that with a single pedal.. The Wonton Song,and In my time of dying. Pffffttt',..Give me a break : )

I heard a very good tribute band last year and they played the Wonton song and I heard exactly where the drummer did not pull off the bass drum hits (:12--:14 and :23--:25 as I was actually waiting for it when they started the song.. I asked the drummer about it afterwards without being a dick and he said the only one's who notice are other drummers.. He has been working on it for a long time but not quite there yet and if he tries it and does not pull it off it throws his groove off and then the whole song suffers.

Good piece of advice actually, unless you own it in practice trying it in the middle of a song could be disastrous.

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