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Originally Posted by DogBreath
Right, a guy, out of the hundreds featured on DrummerWorld. So I guess maybe that does prove the point?
Or not - not being in the habit of regularly talking to most of the guys on here I wouldn't know. What can I say? Too small a sample size to draw conclusions, seeing as I've only met a couple of the people on here.

On the other hand, I do remember quite clearly that all of my teachers at music school definitely had opinions as to what they liked and disliked in drumming, and weren't afraid to share them if the topic came up. I remember one teacher I had a lot of respect for making it quite clear he was no fan of Chad Smith. Fair enough - it wasn't his thing, and I don't think it would bother Chad any to know that some random British drummer doesn't think he's the best thing since Tony Williams. Equally, while I disagreed on the subject, somebody thinking that Chad Smith is not particularly worthy of respect as a drummer doesn't dimish my enjoyment of what he's done. Or there's Joe Morris' comment over on another thread about Mike Portnoy. Clearly Joe is not a fan there - that's his opinion and he's entirely entitled to it, even if he can't sit down and bash out the latest Dream Theater album without a moment of thought on the subject.

So I guess my take is... If you enjoy Virgil Donati's playing... all power to you! But he clearly is a player who is a cause of some contention, and it's clearly not because he's (objectively) amazingly awesome and people are just bitter on him - most people expressing a distaste for Virgil tend to have an alternative they'd suggest. Personally on the listening front I'd rather listen to Marco Minneman or Grant Collins because I do, generally, find their playing a bit more shaped, structured and musical. That's just taste, it's not because I can play as well as either of them so I'm somehow not jealous of their chops anymore. I guess my issue here is that it seems like you're allowed to have taste in drummers as long as you don't dislike Virgil Donati, or his little self-appointed Internet Minions will come out and lambast you for your arrogance. Not addressing moderation here, just the likes of Aidan.

I'd die to have Virgil's chops. He's done an amazing thing in building them, and I'm as happy as the next guy to stand around in sheer amazement if we're going to have a technical discussion of the mechanics of what he's doing. But personally, I really can't stand what he does musically, either solo or in a band. But it seems like somehow my right to a musical opinion is entirely negated by the amount of time Virgil has spent polishing his single stroke roll? I don't get that. Slipknot have clearly put a fair bit of time into their music, but that doesn't mean that saying "I really can't stand Slipknot" is off-limits for anybody. Ultimately, nobody gets into music unless they're comfortable with somebody saying "Hey, you guys really suck!". If you're that thin-skinned you tend to get out of the industry pretty fast.
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