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DogBreath I hear what you are saying, but if I am a blowhard for getting tired of guys repeatedly putting down others drumming contributions than so be it. I happen to know that others here STRONGLY agree with me. Did I put down someones gig or ability NO!! I made the point that guys get on here and say well I have a gig and play drums or read a book about this or that or talked to someone about this drummer therefore I have a right to trash others who have accomplished far more than those who do the trashing, which I do not agree with. A blowhard in my opinion is someone always talking themselves up whether it is their ability or knowledge of what is real music and their narrow point of view on what REAL drumming is and is not and constantly putting others abilities or contributions down, which happens here quite abit. Again I have not trashed anyone about their drumming at all but get tired of a forum being used as a sledgehammer against certain drummers. Again I find it very bizarre that no names in the drumming and music world(not that you have to be WELL known to be a good drummer) are the ones who the MAJORITY of the time are tearing someone else down who has the resume and the ability behind them.

Yeah I did check out your stuff Finn lets just leave it at that.
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